Businesses Can Become A Rising Star In Israel Thanks To Dependable International

Business Enterprise is flourishing in Israel, with the country being home to the second largest number of new businesses in the world after the United States. Coupled with a highly advanced economy, which has been named as the worlds most durable to crisis and unrest, this makes it a highly prized export market for many companies the world over. The country has a largely self-sufficient agricultural sector, while other major exports include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, software and diamonds. It enjoys a particularly high reputation in the high-tech field, and was the first overseas country in which both Intel and Microsoft built centres for research and development. Israel also receives substantial income from tourism. It welcomes more than three million visitors per year, and per head of population, is home to the highest number of museums in the world. As well as providing large amounts of financial aid, the United States is also the biggest recipient of Israeli exports, taking 35 per cent of the total. International traffic into Israel arrives mainly through Ben Gurion International Airport, nine miles south-east of the capital, Tel Aviv. This receives flights operated by many of the worlds leading cargo airlines, including DHL, FedEx, Korean Air, Swiss WorldCargo and UPS. The prinicipal sea ports are Eilat and Haifa, while the Suez Canal, an artificial seaway built through Egypt to connect the Mediterranean and Red Seas, is one of the worlds busiest sea routes. It is a valuable short-cut for oil tankers making their way from the Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, cutting 2,700 miles off the most practicable alternative route. The countrys railways are state owned, and operate over an extensive network concentrated in the Israeli coastal plain, which is also the most densely populated area. Israels total population is 7.6million, of whom three-quarters are Jewish, and just over 20 per cent Arab. Several times during the 20th century, friction between the two factions erupted into sometimes protracted conflict, but the situation remains complex and unresolved, with disputes raging over substantial areas of the country. Due to the substantial number of Jewish communities scattered around the world, there is high demand for reliable international couriers to Israel, as families, friends and business associates stay in touch over long distances. This demand has led to worldwide delivery experts setting up operations in the country to handle this traffic, and means that anyone needing to send a parcel to Israel is presented with a variety of quick and cost-effective options, depending on the size and urgency of their consignment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: