Big name trial Vol.23

Big trial VOL.23 ha myself, AI di. A few days ago my bestie’s lovelorn, pull me to go to KTV to sing, the days of her repeated singing Winnie Hsin’s "understanding", listen to me sing too sensational this move, lingering around ah, that usually go to work when I will sing this song on the rather baffling song lyrics about this is ah… The relationship ended a heart to see wild if our love was a mistake I wish you was not in vain if suffering had to pay should meet again if genuinely and sincerely comprehend how painful you are my all barren this word reminds people of Liao uninhabited land, or will not be oasis desert, feel the dream of the past, from my bestie eyes all the interpretation of the most incisive. Lovelorn, how painful understanding! Hey, I said the girl, is not a man. Three legs are not easy to get, two legged man not everywhere? The face of tears after my bestie nose, I so love he did wrong. What this man is so cruel forsaken. I said you look in the mirror and look at your wizened sallow face, faster than the dry land is dry, even if the Anglebaby features on your face is not a bitter cauliflower? Yes, it is not enough to have love, and it is time to look at it! Do you think it is enough to look at the face, too naive, and ultimately depends on the size of the! Men love the beautiful young girl who wants to marry a bloated body fat mother home for? Take advantage of the young, good maintenance of their own, how to worry about getting married! Women only love yourself, others will love you! So… The chairman of this period recommended a shaping artifact to you… Just put on your tummy, which disappeared la la la! Come on, Amway wants everyone to try! MODELAB Mu Lan: underwear product line love group, is the group’s focus on twenty years of classical inheritance underwear business. Mu Lan, human engineering research institutions relying on love, adhere to the design concept of comfort, health, fashion compatible, provides solutions for lingerie mature female consumers; Mu Lan soft plastic, the new concept of beauty, is committed to let the customer feel and enjoy the beautiful body change process. Note: applicants in the "application for reasons" note body characteristics and size selection (160165) thigh thick can be labeled "made version of the process specified" style [Ncm four angle pants waist buttock] comfortable classic version all-match Callipyge single product of painstaking research, the classic waist angle of four pants, comfortable and beautiful shape, whether wear skirt or trousers let you switch confident elegant posture, is four collocation must-have. Sense of cotton warp knitting fabric of cotton, light and comfort, both cotton and jade, warp elastic body function. Sophisticated technology with double needle double cover stitch, not only embodies the product line structure, and plays the role of decoration; Kukou lace with Z word process, the splicing seams and lace fabrics more smooth, seamless, beautiful, reduce exposure 2!相关的主题文章: