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Business If youve been asked to be the Best Man at the wedding of a relative or close friend, you no doubt feel honored to be included in such a special way. Its a title that means a lot to many people. However, it also carries a great deal of responsibility, especially as the wedding day draws closer. Once youve accepted the Best Man responsibility, its time to think about ways you can help. Often, one of the first duties of the Best Man is to help the groom decide on tuxedos or other apparel. A shopping trip may be in order, though thats something that makes most men grimace. Nevertheless, offering a second opinion is an important duty of the Best Man. Once the tuxes are ordered, the Best Mans thoughts generally turn to the organization of the Bachelor Party. While the Bachelor Parties of days-gone-by almost always involved drinking and scantily-clad women jumping out of cakes, these days, Bachelor Parties are often much different. While some men still tend towards the traditional, others enjoy different kinds of get-togethers, including weekends at a nearby lake, tickets to a baseball game, or the opportunity to gather for a quiet dinner or fun barbecue. The Best Man can help organize these events, keeping in mind most importantly the likes and dislikes of the groom. On the day of the wedding, the Best Man should remain with the groom and be sure that he is dressed properly and ready on time. It is usually the Best Mans duty to carry the brides ring and hand it to the officiant during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, he serves as an official witness, signing the marriage certificate along with the Maid of Honor. At the reception, it is appropriate for the Best Man and Maid of Honor to wel.e guests to the wedding, especially if the bride and groom have not yet entered the reception area. If there are any problems that arise, the Best Man should offer his assistance to the host of the party in solving these issues. One of the most important Best Man duties is the opportunity to honor the groom and the bride with a toast or speech. This should be well prepared and include an anecdote or two about the groom as well as some heartfelt sentiments as well. Dont try to .pose the speech on the fly and carry some notes with you if necessary. The Best Man may also need to take care of handing out checks to musicians, DJs, limo driver, and others who havent been paid previous to the wedding day. The checks will be written by the host of the party (often the brides parents) and should be in individual envelopes marked with the name of the recipient. Finally, the Best Man should be one of the last to leave the reception, gathering up any odds and ends like gifts that may have been inadvertently left behind. He should be sure the groom has everything gathered together for his wedding trip, including airline tickets and other essentials. The Best Man might volunteer to take the couple to the airport as well. Remember, if youve been asked to be a Best Man, its because the groom loves and trusts you. With a little planning and some extra effort, you can be sure not to let him down on this special day. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: