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Beijing lottery system can see others’ information staff: – in the new network system public Liu Hong (a pseudonym) in Beijing passenger quota management information system online update index, but in their own account to see the system update index others application and confirmation of the book. When Beijing morning news reporter also found that the application is downloaded to the others, the other ID number, home address, telephone number and other information completely unmasked. Liu Hong worry, since their system can appear in other people’s information, their application form may also be downloaded. Yesterday, the Beijing passenger car index management service window staff said it should be a system problem, the specific reasons I do not know. Your account information is another phenomenon appeared in Chaoyang District Liu Hong individual small passenger car index and Car Buying in 2012 after the signing, she recently prepared a replacement car management system from the regulation of the Beijing passenger car index online application update index". Less than a minute, she was confirmed from the page, update success". But then download the confirmation letter when she was surprised". "I downloaded a point to open a look, the name is not me. At that time thought wrong, and immediately quit to re click ‘download’, but the situation is still the same." Subsequently, Liu Hong before the opening of the "fill in the application" in the "application form" and found that there was another person’s application form, but also with the previous open is not the same. In other words, in Liu Hong’s system, in addition to her own personal registration information, but also the presence of two other strangers. Liu Hong after careful confirmation, said he did not know the two people, but also used to log on a laptop, there is no possibility of public computer information residue". After a few shut down the system to restart the computer, Liu Hong finally brush out their updated indicator application form and confirmation notice. But she felt very scared, "it’s terrifying, others information appears in my system, I may also be others to download information." Has released the cause of the problem is not the Beijing morning news reporter consulted Beijing passenger quota management information system on the site supervision service hotline 12328 response system, the staff said before also received other similar users reflect the situation, but said "we have found no reason". Staff suggested that reporters to the district to set up a small passenger car index application window to understand the situation. "If you can not download the correct application form and notification, to find out the reasons for the confusion of information, but also to the scene." According to the announcement of a small passenger car index system in the regulation of foreign office window list, the reporter then went to the Chaoyang District administrative service hall passenger service window for consultation, the staff according to the original license plate number of Liu Hong on the spot to print the update index notification, and said "no problem, for success". Liu Hongceng told reporters the download to others notice, the other said it should be a system problem, "me and you open the background is not the same, so I do not know why there will be such a problem." The staff explained, even if the application or notice of others is also useless, "相关的主题文章: