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Beijing winter coal to electricity users   all of the use of clean energy – electricity – Beijing, reporter from the State Grid before the Beijing Electric Power Company was informed that this year Beijing 463 village coal to electricity projects have been completed this winter, coal to electricity users will use all Beijing clean electricity. Beijing coal to electricity project officially began in 2003, from the old alley to the cultural protection zone, from the core area of the capital to rural areas, coal to electricity to change people’s way of life. In 2015, the core area of the capital has been basically achieved without coal. 2016, Beijing coal to electricity project unprecedented scale, workload equivalent to the past 13 years, coal to electricity total of 23. In order to heating coal to electricity users all Beijing cleaner electricity in Beijing electric power network Beijing Electric Power Company play trading center and the capital power trading center two level trading platform synergy, with the market transaction means, optimize the allocation of power energy, actively purchasing Beijing clean energy, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Zhangjiakou Northeast area clean and green power to Beijing, to meet the heating season "coal to electricity" top 10 thousand users of electricity demand. In June this year, Beijing’s first UHV channel into the Xilinguole Meng – Beijing East – Shandong 1 million volt high-voltage engineering supporting Beijing East – Shunyi project has been completed, the people of Beijing have been used for UHV transmission of clean power. In order to accelerate the "coal to electricity" project, Beijing city opened Easy Access in project approval; 13 of the subsidies given to investment in the distribution network; at the same time, the increase of urban two financial subsidies, rural residents enjoy preferential basis during the low price of 0.3 yuan per kilowatt, and then by the city and district the two levels of financial subsidies 0.1 yuan per kWh, electricity subsidies quota for each heating season every 10 thousand degrees. Guan Guifeng (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: