Beijing – VIDEO – Changchun downtown without closing the library reading public integrity tianbi

Beijing – VIDEO – Changchun downtown "without closing the library" reading "the public integrity Changchun downtown without closing the library reading public integrity [comment] in September 27th, is located in Jilin Changchun a bustling business district of the" 24 hours "library is open, this small" universal library "with more than 3000 books, more than 180 kinds of electronic books, equipped with a 24 hour unattended use of equipment, intelligent bookshelf, available for 24 hours at any time, free to borrow and return books, truly" the moment is not closing". According to reports, the library test run in September 23rd so far, has lent more than 200 books. In an interview with reporters found that although the library is located in the street, but did not hear the indoor outdoor noise. Changchun citizens can do self certificate, self-service booking, renew, download mobile phone at any time. Interestingly, the library is equipped with the book shelf with automatic function, when the reporter put the books back on the shelf directly, show the book flow function is automatically activated, LED will return in order to show the screen above the title of the book. [the same period] (Changchun city library Miao Lin) (at present) borrow a lot of already (about how much borrowed) must have 200. Most readers attention is the night after night, let’s not do this on all of this, more interested in the daytime, and doesn’t seem to be noticed, because there is no concept of it. [interpretation] official introduction, because equipped with a sound monitoring system and equipment, so this 24 hours library is unattended. Therefore, this library is not closing on the borrower credit support. The same period [] (Changchun City librarian Miao Lin) surveillance equipment, and door sensors, book not to borrow the case (away) the door is not open, unless it is to put the book back, door opened. Lv Shengnan reports from Changchun相关的主题文章: