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Religion Some people think that our lives are greatly influenced by the position of the stars and the planets at the time we were born. Based on that, we are classified into 12 different groups, and each group has its own set of specifications. Astrology can be .petent as they are used. It really is nothing but a mathematical system that shows one’s personal planetary presentation at the time of birth through a circle of 360 degrees. To calculate this, we need to assess various factors. The first question that must be answered is why they insist on the exact time of birth. It is very simple. It is necessary to find the Ascendant. There are 12 houses that represent aspects of one’s life. The Ascendant is the origin of the first house and it is this that starts out the entire birth chart. What is it that animates the house in our galaxy? The different planets each symbolize a certain type of energy. Their position within the house helps to determine which areas of life that energy is directed towards. Astrology teaches us that in the universe, there is harmony and symmetry, and that everyone is just part of a whole. What you should do is to try to utilize astrology in explaining life itself, and not to use it as basis for predicting future events. The end purpose of all this is not to put the blame on our birth stars and planets because of our misfortunes, but instead, we should try to discover more of ourselves based on these planetary predictions. The moment when you allow yourself to look clearly, you will be able to discover new qualities, and therefore, your life will be.e more fulfilling, purposeful and fruitful. Astrology is a study of the influence of heavenly bodies on the living and non-living alike. It also deals with the reactions of such beings to certain celestial situations. The earliest written record of astrology originates from the time of the first steps of humanity. From it came astronomy, and for a number of years, the two of them represented one and the same science. Today, astronomy is an objective science based on research results achieved with the telescope and related instruments, while astrology can be considered as "subjective science". The horoscope may be considered merely an astronomical process. On the other hand, the interpretation of the relative positions of heavenly bodies may be considered an astrological procedure. We have two types of astrology. The first type is called the tropical astrology, the second one sidereal astrology. In order for you to understand the difference between the two, you must first .prehend the difference between signs and constellations. The dates are marked similarly, but for a beginner, it can be quite a difficult and tedious process. 4000 years ago, in the first day of spring, also called the spring equinox, the sun was located in the constellation of Aries. During this time, there was no significant difference in the horoscopes of both tropical and sidereal astrology. There was no significant difference between signs and constellations. Presently, on the vernal equinox, the Sun is in the sign of Aries, but in the constellation of Pisces. All the signs are part of the ecliptic, which is a circular path that all planets pass through. As a circle has 360 °, and there are twelve signs, one sign belongs to every segment of 30 degrees. The first 30 degree-segment is named Aries, and this begins at the vernal equinox. Calculations are based on the point at which the Sun is at 0 degrees Aries as the starting position. This item is now located in the constellation Pisces. I mention this at the very beginning, because you might be able to encounter people who believe in sidereal astronomy or astrology, and whom you might try to shake by insisting on the theory that if you have, for example, your Sun in Aries, you are in fact born in the constellation Pisces. There’s no point arguing over who is right, because each theory has its own merits. Sidereal and tropical astrology is based on different principles, and both principles are .pletely correct. – Tropical Astrology is based on the principle that the constellations take up 30 ° along the ecliptic. – Sidereal Astrology, in .parison, uses the actual locations of the constellations in preparing horoscopes. – Precession is very slow circular movement of half the ecliptic equator about half the time and one full circulation is 26,000 years. The sun, in relation to Earth’s position, stands as a sign of Aries in tropical astrology, but as the sign of Pisces in sidereal principles. It is noteworthy to state that in both types of astrology, the Sun is situated in the same location. What is a horoscope? The word "horoscope" means "that which the hour." This is a map or diagram of the sky for the purposes of determining the possibilities and characteristics of a man born in a particular time and at a particular place on Earth. This system is also known as a natal horoscope or birth horoscope. Before you can prepare an accurate horoscope, you must first know the exact time and location of birth. If you are a beginner in astrology, don’t worry if your horoscopes don’t .e out as accurate. There are quite many factors involved in horoscopes, and using incorrect information may result to inaccurate horoscopes. It’s possible that the data provided about when and where you were born may not be absolutely accurate. This, in turn, could lead to an innumerable hours spent in vain in an effort to validate your astrological sign as such, because you felt that there isn’t any hint of resemblance between you and the person described by your alleged horoscope. For a more accurate horoscope, a rectification method helps determine the exact time of birth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: