Are Your Curious Why You Are Feeling

Health Which feeling affects you to a greater extent to act upon? Feeling full or feeling hungry? Human nature is sometimes difficult to figure out, but very interesting: There is no system in place limiting our calorie intake. But, if you experience hunger you just have to eat. Hunger seems to overshadow many other emotions necessary to survive. This made a lot of sense in the Stone age, where people had to survive in periods of time of little to no food. These days, it is extremely difficult to lose weight permanently because of all of the fast food restaurants at every turn. Endocrine alterations often begin taking place when you are over 40, and the feelings of hunger are sometimes more intense. Do you understand how your body produces the feelings of being hungry? There are two systems in place in your brain that need balance in order for you to lose weight over 40: The calories you take in, and the quantity of energy available. If the energy accessible in your body drops to a certain level, feelings of "hunger" are developed and you then think of eating. This is not weakness of character, its physical. Feeling satisfied when you eat and feeling full are two different things. After age 40 your metabolism slows and you burn less calories. This is when you need to learn to eat just until you feel satisfied, and stop eating when you have that satisfied feeling. This must occur if you expect to lose weight permanently after 40. Interestingly, we usually stop eating before our bodies absorb the nutrients in the foods we eat. How long it takes you to eat and how often you eat meals has a big effect on feeling satisfied. To lose weight permanently, eat more slowly and increase the number of meals you eat. But: You have to eat consciously. If your mind is distracted, for example because you are driving or watching TV, it cant register that you are eating. You will find that this causes you to feel satisfied sooner. You wont get the feeling of being satisfied early enough and eat more, threatening permanent weight loss. Neuropeptide Y and many other substances signal the brain that you need to eat. Neuropeptide Y is one of them. It makes you feel hungry, suppresses physical activity and increases the amount of energy stored as fat. If you stop eating, for example when you start a diet, Neuropeptide Y is secreted. Thats why you feel less high-energy on a diet and have a hard time losing weight permanently by dieting: When you eat less food, your endocrine system protects your body fat. And: After 40 this protection is getting stronger and stronger. The only way to lose weight permanently over 40 is by introducing a gentle life style concept. There are many more Neuropeptides involved in feeling hungry. Orexin A and B are released when you feel hungry, and they stimulate food cravings and overeating, which is .mon when you are on a diet. This is the nature of your body, not a lack of will power on your part. Leptin is another Neuropeptide that is developed by fat tissue. It transmits to your brain how filled the fat storage system is. Women have more body fat than men by nature and correspondingly higher levels for Leptin. You will begin to feel hungry when the Leptin levels drop below a certain point. The body image in western culture is highly shaped by artificially thin celebrities. Without body fat you will feel hungry day in and day out, which can lead to various emotional problems – and a certain amount of body fat is actually healthy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: