Andouble Trump to discuss the reassurance Japanese netizens a face of clever satire puritans pride

Andouble Trump to discuss the face of Japanese Internet users reassurance satirical clever original title: Andouble Trump to discuss the satirical "reassurance" Japanese netizens "one face clever" reporter Xiao Da Li Zhen Xin Bincui Wang Jie Tong on Andouble and Trump talks for about 90 minutes. Andouble held a press conference at the InterContinental Hotel. Andouble told reporters that the atmosphere of the talks "very enthusiastic", two people carried out "quite frankly," he told Trump during the exchange, explains its fundamental philosophy, and Trump is a series of discussion. Andouble said, "without trust, our alliance will not work. I believe that the newly elected president, Trump, is a leader I can trust, "he said." we agreed to meet again at a convenient time to discuss more issues". However, in the face of the reporter asked about the issue and details of the talks, Andouble explicitly refused to talk about. "Ha ha, is absolutely a lie, look at the photos on the face of Abe sang." Britain’s Independent newspaper website, Internet users questioned the description of Andouble Gochome. "The independent" looks don’t believe, reported that "unclear whether Mr. Trump has what time to prepare for this meeting, because the State Department claimed that Trump didn’t contact them for the Japan US relations team documents. Andouble and trump will talk about before, Conway Trump’s campaign manager of Cbs Broadcasting Inc in the United States said, "no more in-depth dialogue about the relationship between Japan and the United States and the policy has to wait until President Trump after his inauguration". Andouble seems to be difficult to dispel this suspicion, the international media are almost all reported Andouble’s "hot". The Chicago Tribune wrote in the headline: "Andouble is convinced that the attack on Japan’s Trump" is a trustworthy leader". In a meeting with Andouble, the Trump team did not comment, only by the late Trump late in the personal Facebook account posted a photo of him and Andouble, politely said, "very glad the Japanese Prime Minister to come to my house, this is the beginning of a great friendship". 18, 2009, Japan’s major media headlines Andouble and the news of the meeting was flooded with the news, repeatedly playing the hands of the hands of the photos on the television photos. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei hesitate to praise, claiming that it was a very successful meeting between the two leaders to establish a strong personal relationship has taken a big step, the two leaders opened a very good start. Kyodo news agency said Andouble through the rapid talks with Trump, highlighting the friendly relationship between the two, it can be said that the results of the diplomatic gains for the time being, but there may be variables in the future. The "Wall Street journal" said in Tokyo, the media and government officials relieved Andouble and trump will meet with Trump, at least in public did not repeat previously to Japan in the tariff issue and criticism on the Japan us alliance. Not all Japanese are elated. Japan’s opposition Democratic Progressive Party deputy leader Azumi said, "(Trump) was elected for a week, (Andouble) rushed to fly past, this is not a tribute diplomacy? I don’t agree with that ". He criticized Andouble for not having made the personnel arrangements in the stage of the talks to Trump相关的主题文章: