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Home-and-Family Coming up with an idea for great baby shower gifts can sometimes be difficult. The baby shower is probably a surprise, so unless you have an idea of what the new mom or expectant mother has, or needs, you might need some suggestions. When youre trying to pick up the perfect baby shower gift the obvious thing to consider is what sex is the baby going to be. If that is unknown then choose items that are good for either a boy or girl such as music specifically for baby, baby monitor, bath kit, diapers, swing, bouncy chair, stroller, high chair, baby toys, baby blankets and baby clothes that are not pink or blue. You can also buy pregnancy gifts for the Mommy to be which can include a pregnancy journal, pregnancy bracelet, ultrasound poem frame, books on pregnancy or raising babies or even a gift card to a local spa to be pampered. The list of choices goes on and on. The Internet is a terrific way to get a multitude of baby shower gift and pregnancy gift ideas. You can compare prices very easily using this method and then have it shipped directly to you if you like. A very unique and wonderful baby shower gift is one that comes from the heart of every guest who has attended the baby shower and for lack of a better name you can call it a Advice Book. It is a compilation of parenting advice from each and every guest. What makes this gift unique is that no one else in the world will have the exact same book. Several weeks before the baby shower contact every guest you can and ask them to either email you or tell you some parenting advice which could include an old fashioned parenting sayings, or it could just be something that they have learned through experience. The best way to collect individuals advice is via email, this way you can quote them exactly. Once you have a few sentences of advice from guests insert them into a text document. After that, you can decorate the document however you choose. If you want, you can download clipart for babies off of the Internet or baby shower graphics and insert them into your text document. This will make a wonderful and meaningful one of a kind baby shower gift that is sure to be treasured for many years to come. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: