A woman in the us that KFC bucket component is not enough 140 million – Beijing sued claims diqua

A woman in the us that KFC bucket component is not enough sued Beijing claims 140 million – Reference News Network October 25th Hong Kong media reported that a woman in New York earlier in the KFC (KFC) buy fried chicken bucket meal at home with their families to enjoy, but found with advertising display components of fried chicken filled the bucket with entry. She thought the ads were misleading, and appealed to the court for $20 million (about $140 million). According to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao Daily News reported on October 25th, a 64 year old woman Fitch Burger (Anna Wurtzburger) in the summer to buy chicken bucket meal, but found the components and the description in the advertisement is very different. She said, "when I got home, where was the chicken? I thought the fried chicken was enough to eat…… They say enough for a family to eat, and a full bucket of fried chicken in the ad, but in fact only half a bucket of fried chicken! They made false sales, and the food was not enough for the whole family". KFC: to let a person see Fitch Burger call Georgia, fried chicken KFC headquarters, KFC responded that she is buying 8 pieces of chicken meal, and in order to let people see a bucket of fried chicken, will put ads in the chicken laid out like stuffed with drums, and to Fitch Burger for $70 cash coupon. Wi Fitch Burger is still dissatisfied with the final decision against the claims of $20 million (about 140 million yuan). KFC said the woman accused of unreasonable, will ask the court to withdraw.相关的主题文章: