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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A Review of Jean Paul Gautier Perfume oil for Women Good retail sense is simply to fill the demands of your customer base. Im sure that you all have heard of the law of supply and demand. It just makes good business sense to go with the product that your customers like. This is the basis of all good and successful business. In the case of this product this is exactly what we did and it has paid off in huge dividends. We first added the Jean Paul Gautier for men to our product line. It worked so well that adding the scented oil for women was a no brainer. Women loved the mens scented oil so much that they were purchasing it and wearing it themselves. The wearers were .ing in on a regular basis. They were always delighted and excited to sample this product so we knew that we couldnt lose by adding the womens oil fragrance. This fragrance is a classy citrusy spring and summer fragrance. It can also be an excellent fall fragrance because it has just a small hint of the oriental type fragrance ingredients. The oriental whiff is not strong at all but suggestive. It gives just enough fragrance to wake up your imagination. Its there one minute and gone the next second. This scented oil also has a floral hint. The floral essence also is not heavy but light and passing. The citrus is what gives this fragrance its summer character. This fragrance is elegant and refined. It is dainty but not too much so. Its daintiness does not speak of weakness. It reminds me of an effeminate woman who is in control. It speaks of the elegance of education and refinement. It tells the story of someone who is used to having expensive jewels or possessions but will not hesitate to wear jeans and a t shirt. She is classy even in jeans and her shirt. She looks good even when she is sweating and tired. She can do many different things and is totally versatile. She Is calm even under pressure and unflappable. You cant shake her resolve. The first note is citrus with a slight floral essence. The floral aspect gives way totally very quickly to reveal even more citrus notes. The floral aspect is powerful but not too strong or sweet. It maintains this strength for just a short while which Im sure was the perfumers intent. It definitely has a suggestive fragrance but not overly suggestive. It seems to say I am here but only for the dominant male if he can deal with me. It is not heavy, sticky, or too flowery. It is ideal for springtime and summer wear but is versatile enough to be worn year round. It would not be out of place at all on a fall evening or on a winters day. It is feminine but not too much so. It reminds me of the woman who can hold her own in a group of men with ease. It is ideal for wear to any type of social event whether it is a semiformal event from a cook out, to a movie or dinner date. I personally believe that it is best when it is worn around a large group of people. This will give it more room to do what it does and cause you to be noticed. This fragrance lends itself to wear with light or medium early spring to late summer clothing. It can be used with light, bright clothing, or medium colors and fabrics. Many different women request this fragrance so it lends itself well to a variety of different body chemistries. I am not going to try and list the ingredients in this fragrance because Im not so sure about what they are. It does have a citrus beginning with a floral second note. The second note has a woodsy base which keeps the fragrance in bounds. It does have a blend of fragrant wood scents in the last note. These scents serve as the base of the fragrance and really help develop its character. Since this is oil based fragrance keep in mind that the scent will last much longer. Oil fragrance is activated by body heat rather than alcohol so the scent does not overpower but keeps on providing its fresh, clear aroma for hours. Also since there are no solvents used to leach the fragrance out of the ingredients used it has more of a natural aroma than the actual perfume. I sincerely think that you will enjoy wearing this scented oil fragrance and witnessing the effects that it has on other people. Fragrance Oil Express 相关的主题文章: