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UnCategorized Disability Living Allowance is one of the many allowances that are offered to taxpayers in order to ensure that the payment of taxes does not impart too negatively on their standards of living. Also known as the DLA, this benefit has been designed in such a way that both adults and children who are disabled benefit from it to really great extent. The good thing with the DLA is the fact that it can really go a long way in ensuring that you are able to carter for the costs that arise in day-to-day life. How To Make A Claim The first thing that you will need to do is to make some disability allowance claim. These claims are meant to make sure that the process of filing the returns is not characterized by fraud. The first thing that you need to be aware of when you are considering taking up a disability allowance claim is to look at the forms that you will need to use during the application process. There are two forms here. There is a form for the people who are under 16 and there are other forms for people who are over the age of 16. Regardless of whether you are under or over 16 years, you have several options available for you when it .es to the process of applying for this allowance. If you choose to apply online, then it is advisable that you use the DirectGov website so as to contact the HMRC. If on the other hand you choose to apply through the telephone, then you will use the numbers that will be provided in the HMRC website. There are times when applicants just feel like they will only trust the good old paper. In such a case, then it is re.mended that you go through the whole process of downloading the form, printing t and filling it out with the pen just like in the good old days. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to determine whether you are disabled on not. For example, if you are obese and you are unable to work effectively, are you disabled? What if you are facing injury of your fingers because of the typing work that you do, are you disabled? Well, for you to be able to .e up with a concrete answer for this, it is re.mended that you ask the benefits office so as to get a concrete answer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: