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The dull winter refused a brooch for other more fun reading: it seems that in the eyes of many people, either the brooch is old fashioned, or old, it seems difficult to hang on a little relationship and fashionable. But in the fashionable guests in the world, only from different styles, not obsolete in a single product, brooch designers continue to "make only superficial changes, brain hole personality, create unimaginable. (reprinted from Claire network) worn on the collar on the Penelope Cruz Cruz Penelope remember enough to become the creative headdress brooch on the red carpet? Although not the brooch used elsewhere first, but it does make us more, to change the location of the original brooch is also good. Don’t the collar on my lapel although called "Brooch", but fashionable guests will not be confined to live they often name, the brooch on the collar, the collar clip instead of at the same time, also let the brooch is more obvious, one can see that drilling. Monochrome needle turtleneck is winter must-have monochrome needle turtleneck sweater is a must-have in winter, but the little Brooch ornament is monotonous. Exaggerated Brooch can also use the above stones and thick your coat color echoes, exaggerated Brooch not only increase fashion sense, but also to increase the number of dynamic spirit dreary winter. Two pieces of two pieces of supporting the selection of collocation brooch on comparison manifested young breath brooch, is to select two pieces of collocation brooch, neatly side by side combination does not need, can be very interesting. Do not wear the same in the stack style flower brooch with ordinary brooch is more common than in other styles, but the selection of two different styles of wear stacked together, suddenly rose two level fashion sense. Insects are particularly popular this year, insects are particularly popular elements of this element, not only will not let the girls fear because of modeling, but more different. A combination of playful combination of teapots and cups teapots and cups full geometric patterns and bright colors can make the mood is good! Simple stack wear more interesting stick together in the double effect we relentless pursuit of "1+1> 2" effect, the brooch has used its "simple" effect complete fashionable over. Or fresh or cool, stick together double effect. The effect of double stick together green sweater and insect brooch line collocation, simple construction in addition to Mori feeling. Again, the original brooch on the shoulder can be the person to cry. Stunning effect in concise dress, with other shapes of bright Brooch complete task, stunning effect. Vintage feel even with coarse fabric coat build retro feel you can also complete the brooch through a punchline, let the temperament back many years ago, the retro feel, just right. The winter break the best magic dull so you see, "Xian pin and make only superficial changes" and interesting than your impression of "mother", now it has become the best magic dull winter break!相关的主题文章: