A college in Yangzhou at the opening ceremony of president’s message to students network big coffee christie stevens

A college in Yangzhou at the opening ceremony of president’s message to students network big coffee firm faith – the new network for the network big coffee president’s message students to firm faith, hard work. Zhang Zhuojun photo Beijing, September 13 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) 13, Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute freshmen at the opening ceremony, the school principal Sun Xingyang in his speech "word" frequent, "the wolf should practice good teeth, sheep should practice good leg. Students will Yanggong sheep toughness and bloody wolf, to become the profound cultural heritage and exquisite craftsman country proficiency in a particular line." The self styled "monkey" the principal because of the use of network language, the students are called "big coffee network president". This year he is still followed his habit of "routine", network language new message. "My name is Sun Xingyang, the students can call me Mr. Sun, students used to call me old, in fact as long as not shouted:" Hey, the old man, "how can you call, as long as you feel comfortable to do". Sun Xingyang this section of the home of the opening immediately attracted the attention of newborn. At the ceremony, President sun’s speech from time to time to say the most fresh network language and pop elements. He defines the university need to stage and sentiment experience: "the University of time, you will experience three stages, from a" autumn rain and tears Yang ‘ignorant bleak, sophomore "said there is no clear sunny’ empathy, to graduation" no rain no clear "keep cool." He let the students with the skills of the force, as his "love", good practice skills, or at any time will be "pretty fight" is replaced by a small meat. Of course, the first lesson is not only to allow students to remember, but also to allow students to understand the truth in laughter. Sun Xingyang told the students, "stick to the bottom line, to have" a sin to "Shen Wei of the heart; to stick to the bottom line, to remember" if people do not know, unless you don ‘cautious words." 16 degree of automation secondary school students, said: "the president’s speech has both practical experience, but also a brilliant speech, the content is very rich, for the freshmen to know that we have something to do." Sun Xingyang is also very sharp for the students pointed out: "our company is not the level of the diploma, is the ability rather than academic qualifications, is not qualified title." If you do not have the skills, in the future of the workplace, the whole person no matter how bad, how the heart is no longer how to collapse. To play the bloody wolf, in the study, work firm faith, hard work. He also warned students, do not forget the original choice, do not forget their goals set. He had two students contact most commonly used verses together, he said: "we need is" only if the first sign of life "of the stick, rather than" Remembrance into "frustrated." It is down to earth, no preaching, set people thinking…… This is the general impression of the new student after the opening ceremony, and it is also very meaningful. Ge Yanyan, a freshman in the field of accounting profession, said that from primary school to high school, I really have never heard the principal introduce herself in such a way that she is both surprised and comfortable. )相关的主题文章: