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Parenting Homeschooling your kid is not an easy task and here is a list of some good homeschooling tips for you and your kids to consider. – Avoid making the curriculum a dictator. It is not necessary that your child should do every exercises that are mentioned in the program book. Home school parent should focus on the learning process, since he learns via the fun he has. – Always use example when you teach. – Remember that most kids do not like writing. Therefore, put more effort when teaching the kid to write. Guide the children in their thinking process. – Let the kid develop at their own speed. Do not force them into anything. – There must be no other distraction such as tv or radio during the homeschooling. The children must learn to respect that there is a time for study and play. – Take the child to the local library to expose them to a .munity learning experience. You can also build a small library of your own, with colorful books on math, spelling and interesting stories to create a conducive learning environment. – Develop a structure and methodical process to teach your child. Start with easy things and then go on to explain the difficult concepts thereafter. If you start the spelling session with Arsonist instead of Apple, your child will definitely not be able to understand. – Remember always that all work and no play will make your child dull. Allow him to indulge in activity that he loves. Find out what interests your child the most, it could be reading a story, .puter games or playing with building blocks or modeling clay. – Different educational material appeals to different type of learners. Workbooks, flashcards, matching games, instruction charts and books appeal to the more visual learners. Songs and rhymes and instruments please auditory learners and model kits, puzzles, typing and gardening etc are preferred mode of learning for the kinesthetic learners – understand your child preference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: