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Business The way that food is packaged is a major consideration for consumers when they choose a product. In any one type of market there are dozens of products sitting on the shelves of supermarkets .peting for sales. Food packaging .es in a wide range of materials and manufacturers can select from glass, plastics, aluminum and paper in various forms such as cardboard and corrugated boxes. Today, the average consumer is savvier about the value of a product and will judge it based on more than just the appearance of its package. However, this is not to say that an attractive outer cover is not vitally important. Design and functionality need to work together to present an attractive choice for the consumer. The most basic consideration when choosing the right packaging is that it needs to protect the product from contamination and keep it hygienic as well as extend its shelf life for as long as possible. This will be the first pre-requisite before considering other factors such as the design and material of the packaging. Each type of material will have certain advantages and disadvantages so other factors will need to be weighed up when used for products. Some materials are ideal for extending the life of products. Some are best for easy transportation. With the focus today on environmental issues and a significant move toward conservation and recycling, materials which contribute to retaining the natural environment are much in favor. Paper is versatile and environmentally friendly and is an extremely popular material. Cardboard boxes are used in the transportation of all types of products and paper in its many forms is the choice of container for a huge range of products. Paper is bio-degradable and is easily recycled, making it a very popular choice. Aluminum is widely used for products particularly in cans and foils. It is lightweight and can be recycled easily. Glass is still widely used for products and it can easily be recycled. Many manufacturers have replaced glass containers with plastic because of the obvious advantages that plastic provides. Plastic will not break on impact and is much lighter. Certain types of plastic are able to be recycled, but there needs to be more research into the practical ways that plastics can be recycled because this material is widely used around the world today. Legal requirements need to be met with and all packaging must provide useful information to the consumer. Such things as ingredients and additives, instructions for use, expiry date and recycling instructions are just a few examples. The demand for food packaging is continually growing and expanding worldwide. The industry is enormous and constantly expanding as the demand increases. It is a surprising fact that a large percentage of the cost of the foods we buy today is attributed to the packaging. As more and more packaging is produced there is an increased need for it to be environmentally friendly and recyclable. Increased environmental waste would be a costly and unwanted burden to the future economy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: