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Home-and-Family As the long Winter months start to turn to Spring and the temperaturs start to rise. Most gardeners will start to do some preparatory work ready for the productive Summer months. While we start to concentrate on getting our plants ready for the Summer though, we sometime neglect our lawns. As Spring marches inevitably towards Summer then the temperature also increases and the grass will start to grow. As the first few weeks of Spring go by you will need to get the mower out more often as the grass starts to grow more quickly. You may also need to start lowering the cutting height of your lawn mower. There are a number of elements that will help determine how often you cut your grass and how short the cut will be. These include what the lawn is used for, what the weather is like and what type of grass you have. For example if your lawn is fine and it is really only there for aesthetic reasons then you may want to cut it lower, say down to 1cm in order to get it looking really neat and tidy. You may want to also increase the frequency of cuts up to as much as three times per week. However if your lawn is more functional and often used for the children to play on etc then it needs to be a bit more durable. You will therefore probably only cut once or twice per week and leave the cut length up around 3cm or so. Before you get into mowing though some other preparation work is worth considering before the hotter, faster growing Summer months, really get going. One of the things you should consider is applying a good Spring lawn fertiliser. This is often useful as it will have the correct amount of nutrients in it that need to be replenished. Before you do any of this work though, there is something you need to check first. Has there been any build up of moss in the lawn through the Winter. If you do, before you apply any other lawn care, apply a lawn moss killer and also lightly scarify the lawn to help with the moss problem. You can do this by hand or you can use a machine. Try and remove as much thatch as you can. This will allow for better drainage of your lawn and will disuade moss from growing. This is one of the best starts you can give to your lawn. For larger lawns I would re.mend buying or hiring a scarifying machine. Doing the job properly by hand on a large lawn is really hard work. If you’re doing this by hand, it really is hard work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: