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UnCategorized When you say the word hustle out loud, what comes to mind? Go ahead, try it. Do you have a NEGATIVE viewpoint on hustle? A rigged carnival game, illegal copies of DVD’s being sold on the street, drug dealers, or a pimp in a big purple hat. Or do you have a POSITIVE viewpoint on hustle? A favorite baseball player who’s undersized but always hustles, giving it your all, getting out there selling, promoting, and working your head off. A hustler is the underdog, the over-achiever, the one who outworks the rest. The Amazing Race, Entrepreneur Style On a recent out-of-town adventure, I competed in my own version of "The Amazing Race" in New York City. It combined actual hustle (running down the street), figurative hustle (landing the interviews) and lessons in hustle (how these entrepreneurs have the hustle down to a science). I had less than 48 hours to conduct a massive amount of interviews including Scott Mednick (serial entrepreneur, founder of Legendary Pictures, executive producer on films such as 300, Superman Returns, We Are Marshall), Gary Vaynerchuk (Brand building rock star and celebrity), Ankur Jain (Student-preneur and founder of The Kairos Society) and Ashley Cook and Danielle Dankner (Ash and Dans Clothing Line). 5 Tips on How To Do the Entrepreneurial Hustle Whether you’re extroverted, introverted or mute you can master the art of the hustle to grow your business. Here are a few hustles that I’ve encountered that have been repeatedly brought up in conversations with top entrepreneurs and rising young entrepreneurs. 1. Your horn was built for tooting. It’s one thing to be humble and another thing to be a jerk. But if you’re afraid to promote you and your business, you’re not hustling. This does not mean turning your Twitter into an RSS feed or telling everyone how awesome you are. It does mean making a conscious effort to promote, tell people what you’re up to, and also have confidence in your accomplishments. Just don’t blow out the horn. 2. Screw Rejection. I remember trying to ask out a girl in 6th grade. I had no idea what I was doing and asked her out in the middle of a class. Like DURING the class with lots of people watching. Horrible idea. It didn’t work and I was super embarrassed. That’s not dissimilar from starting a business. You’re taking a risk and putting yourself out there. Negabots will attack with their haterade. Hustlers don’t get embarrassed or upset. They answer all emails (even the negative ones), respond to critics, make sales pitches, and make it happen no matter what. If someone told me I shouldn’t start a TV show without going to broadcasting school and having twenty years experience, I just look them in the face and say, "Thank you for your opinion. I respect that and I’m doing things a bit differently." 3. Don’t be afraid of saying "No". If you are hustling, opportunities will come your way. In Gary Vaynerchuk’s case, he gets hundreds of opportunities a week: Business deals, book deals, TV deals, interview requests. If the opportunity isn’t right for you, say no. Don’t chase all the shiny red balls, just find the ones that work for you and your brand. 4. Knocking Down Doors. Often times the only way to knock down the door in the entrepreneurial hustling world is the blast it down. Cold-calling, asking friends for help, going to your family. Yes it takes time but building a business takes hard, sweaty work. Ashley Cook and Danielle Dankner have an incredible story about their clothing line Ash&Dans where they went on a spree of cold calls and even showed up at shops with scarves in hand. And guess what? It worked. Now they’re in four plus stores…and I’ll cut the story right there as to not spoil all the great stuff from these ladies coming on a future episode of The Rise To The Top. 5. Fuel With Small Victories. Building businesses takes patience and hustle. But, I know I have a patience problem (Do you?). We all want results NOW which is the selling points of get-rich schemes, MLM’s, and other sketchy stuff. Fuel yourself with small victories: You were complimented on your business, someone says something nice about you or your business, you made one website sale. It’s easy to bask in the light of BIG victories (million dollar deals, new clients, a gazzilion web hits, whatever), but a series of small victories will give you the attitude burst to keep rolling. In a nutshell, get out there, ignore the haters, build your business, adjust your hustling thinking and your success will be limitless. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: