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Internet-and-Business-Online Chosen as one of Microsofts three strategic Global Development Centers, the Microsoft Israel R&D Center is home to some of the companys most exciting and innovative technologies. Led by industry leaders such as Corporate VP and President of the center, Moshe Lichtman, the center is comprised of incubations and mature, next-generation product development activities designed for new business segments and key growth areas in the fields of Telecom, Security and Online Services. The Centers vision is to leverage our ideal location at the heart of Israels high-tech community to attract the best of Israels pool of globally acclaimed technological talent, inventiveness, creative imagination and entrepreneurial spirit. With its inauguration in April 2006, the Microsoft Israel R&D Center marked a significant expansion of Microsofts technological activities in Israel dated to 1991. Alongside its core R&D and incubation activities, the Center also serves as a platform for business and technological cooperation with the local, thriving high-tech community and venture capital industry. So how do we transform our dreams into realities? By taking the right people and the right climate one step further. We work in a synergetic hybrid reality: on the one hand, small, start-up spirited teams, along with labs and incubations; on the other, the backing of Microsoft, the worlds global software and technology leader. Academia Outreach Program Students Excellence Program Microsoft Israel Excellence Program in partnership with key Israeli universities attracts and accompanies top-notch students. As part of the program, students are offered the opportunity to do an internship in MS Innovation Labs or a summer internship in Israel or Redmond, perform a final project at Microsoft and enjoy scholarships and stipends during their studies. Internships – Microsoft Israel recruitment @ Microsoft Israel Labs we invite students to Join Microsoft Israel . As Interns, the students are doing the real thing and getting the opportunity to jumpstart their career. Summer Internship Microsoft Israel R&D Center offers students an opportunity to gain real and exciting experience at MS during the summer academic vacation. Internships are offered in ISR R&D centers in Hertzelya and Haifa and in Redmond US and Microsoft Research centers. Joint Research The R&D Center conducts joint research projects with top Israeli academia and research in various fields. Roundtables & Academia Events establishing a cross-universities arena for information sharing and boosting potential for collaboration in research and education. Recent Acquisitions Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (formerly Kidaro) enhances deployment and management of virtual PC images on a Windows Desktop while also providing seamless use experience on a Virtual PC environment independent of the local desktop configuration and operating system. Yadata (AdLabs) team has developed mathematical tools for identifying and targeting customer groups according to behavior patterns based on usage and consumption data (Behavioral Targeting) for unlimited amounts of data of customers. These analytical tools are used as a progressive marketing tool allowing the accurate matching of advertising and sales offers to target groups with similar behavioral patterns. Zoomix technology provides customers with a manageable and scalable enterprise-class data quality solution which further enhances Microsofts vision of making SQL server a complete data platform for all data management needs. Zoomix has developed a unique approach to data quality software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: