Rapid Hair Fiber – Make Your Bald Patches Disappear-naughty怎么读

Hair-Loss The follicles have a fixed life span and produce keratin all through their life span. The natural hair growth rate among humans is about 6-8 inches per year. When some follicles reach end of their life cycle, new ones replace them and the process continues. The problem of hair fall occurs when due to some reason these follicles stop functioning properly or terminate their life cycle abruptly. There could be many reasons for baldness. Illness, injury, some medications like chemotherapy, high stress level, lack of proper nutrition in diet, ageing, hormonal imbalance are some of the well known reasons for hair loss. Those suffering from hair loss should firstly and foremost abstain from smoking or consuming alcohol and start eating a protein rich diet. Meditation and exercise are also very effective in rejuvenating the damaged follicles and curing the hair loss problem. Green tea, Aloe Vera, Awla and Reetha are some natural ingredients which can be regularly used to strengthen the hair. The appearance of bald patches awfully affects the appearance and confidence of people suffering from it. It often makes a person look older than his age and sometimes people also mock at those suffering from hair loss. People suffering from bald areas try many products available in the market which promise permanent solution to their problem. Some people also try expensive parlor treatments to cure their problem or even go for surgical implantation. To all such people who are suffering from hair loss we would like to tell about a revolutionary product, Rapid hair fiber. It is very effective in restoring the appearance of your head with natural thick hair. Natural fibers are tiny microscopic fibers made up of Keratin and charged with static electricity. As already stated before Keratin is the same thing which our hair are made of, so it is the closest any product can get to with natural hair. The static charge causes the fibers to attach strongly with our natural hair like a magnet and form a thick layer of hair and conceal all the bald patches. One just needs to shake his hair with hand and sprinkle the ultra light and tiny hair building fibers on head. Then gently tap the scalp a little to blend the hair fibers with our hair. As a result you will have your head full of beautiful and thick hair. The fibers blend so nicely that even you yourself wont be able to notice the difference between these fibers and your own natural strands. It is .pletely safe to use by people of all age and any gender. It lasts through even rain, wind or sweat. Rapid hair fiber is available in different colours so you can choose the shade matching with your natural hair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: