Russian media the United States in the Korean anti missile will detonate in Northeast Asia, China an-carmex润唇膏

Russian media: the United States in the Korean anti missile will detonate in Northeast Asia, China and Russia will not ignore thad anti missile system the Korean labor party organ "Labor News" in January 31 journal article for deployment in South Korea "Sade" to respond to the u.s.. The article said that the United States, despite the strong concerns of China and Russia, more and more blatantly want to deploy "Sade" system in South korea. The motive for building a missile defense system in the United States is essentially to create strategic advantages and pressure on other powers, but it will only lead to consequences for world peace. "The United States by the Korean nuclear crisis to put pressure on South Korea to deploy" Sade ", is actually a kind of plug contraband behavior." Lv Chao, a researcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, told the global times that after the North Korea nuclear test, the United States did the first thing to send more arms to East Asia, which is partly to serve its goal of "returning to the Asia Pacific". Whether it’s sending B-52 strategic bombers or sending nuclear aircraft carriers, it’s far beyond the need to defend North korea. And the facts have repeatedly proved that the U.S. deterrent force does not play a role in the DPRK, will only further stimulate North Korea, become the pretext of its nuclear weapons development, leading to the situation worse and worse. The deployment of Sade to the peninsula is also far beyond the purpose of guarding against North Korea, which can not but cause the worries of China and Russia, and make us doubt the selfishness of the United States’ strategy of taking advantage of the DPRK as its Asia Pacific strategy. Russia’s "today’s economy" website, "the United States anti missile system will detonate Northeast Asia" as the title, North Korea is ready to launch missiles to the United States on the peninsula deployment of anti missile system excuse, the United States has been hoping that South Korea into its own regional anti missile system. The Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences expert A Smolov believes that the United States deployed "Sade" system in Korea is not just a North Korean missile, more is to collect Chinese and Russian military information. China and Russia will not ignore. There’s a saying, "don’t put all your eggs in one basket."." Korean national news says the idea of diversification is equally applicable to foreign policy. The days when South Korea can bet on the United States are over. It was a low-risk, low yield investment. Japan’s resumption of militarization under Andouble led to a high risk and low return investment in japan. Politically, economically and militarily, China has become a "high risk, high return" investment opportunity. So now Korea needs to make a senior investment strategy. The deployment of the U.S. anti missile system, "this is China’s red line in the relationship between korea".

俄媒:美在韩反导将引爆东北亚中俄不会视若无睹 萨德反导系统   朝鲜劳动党机关报《劳动新闻》1月31日刊文对美国寻求在韩国部署“萨德”做出回应。文章称,美国不顾中国和俄罗斯的强烈忧虑,越来越露骨地希望在韩国部署“萨德”系统。美国构筑导弹防御系统的动机,实质是希望借此对其他大国形成战略优势并施压,但这仅会带来危害世界和平的后果。   “美国借半岛核危机向韩国施压部署‘萨德’,实际上是一种塞私货的行为。” 辽宁社科院研究员吕超对《环球时报》记者说,朝鲜核试验后,美国最先做的是向东亚增派军备,这一定程度上是为其“重返亚太”目标服务。因为无论是派B-52战略轰战机还是派核航母过来,都远远超出防备朝鲜的需要。而且事实已经多次证明,美国的武力威慑对朝鲜不起作用,只会进一步刺激朝鲜,成为其发展核武器的借口,导致局势越来越恶化。向半岛部署“萨德”同样远超出防范朝鲜的目的,不能不引起中俄两国的担忧,让人怀疑美国借朝鲜问题为其亚太战略谋利的私心。   俄罗斯“今日经济”网站以“美国反导系统将引爆东北亚”为题称,朝鲜准备发射导弹给了美国在半岛部署反导系统的借口,美国一直希望将韩国纳入自己的地区反导系统。俄科学院远东研究所专家阿斯莫洛夫认为,美国在韩国部署“萨德”系统的目标并不光是朝鲜的导弹,更是为了收集中国和俄罗斯军事信息。俄中两国不会对此视若无睹。   “有句话说得好,别把蛋都放在一个篮子里。”《韩民族新闻》称,投资多样化的理念同样适用于外交政策。韩国能把赌注全押在美国身上的日子已经过去。此前这还是一种低风险、低收益的投资。日本在安倍领导下重启军事化,导致日本成为高风险、低收益的投资。不管是从政治、经济还是军事上看,中国都已成为一种“高风险、高收益”的投资机会。因此现在韩国需要制定高级投资策略。部署美国反导系统,“这是中国在对韩关系中画出的红线”。相关的主题文章: