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6 kinds of spices for pregnant women must not eat, you caught? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author dove doctor air863 since a pregnant woman, what are not, the only extra is a taboo. The first thing that has changed since she became a pregnant woman is the daily diet. Not every thing pregnant women can eat. Food, we are more concerned about, but for some small things, we always ignore, such as condiments. Seasoning is a recipe for cooking, but some spices are pregnant women must not be exposed to. Want to know in the time of pregnancy, they must not eat what condiments do? Monosodium glutamate is one of the most common kind of fresh spices, but also pregnant women to stay away from a condiment. Monosodium glutamate in the part of the body and the body of zinc in pregnant women, and make it with a large number of urine discharge, not only will lead to maternal zinc deficiency, but also affect the fetus. In order to increase the aroma of the meal, we usually add the star anise to improve the aroma. However, anise and other spices easily lead to constipation. Moreover, as a kind of warm spices, anise spicy and stimulating, after eating will cause fetal heat, is not conducive to the development of embryos. Many people may not be what cinnamon impression of cinnamon, but usually soup common spices, is what we usually cook chicken soup will be used when the. Cinnamon is promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, pregnant women eat more will lead to get angry, difficult defecation, even cause fetal irritability. Mint is a common material in our lives, relieve inflammation, special smell, refreshing relieve inflammation. However, the pungent smell of peppermint can affect the nervous system of pregnant women. In addition, the aroma of the mint into the embryo, is not conducive to the development of the baby. Not only can not eat mint, mint and peppermint drinks are also prohibited within the scope of. We all know Yellow Wine during pregnancy, alcohol and tobacco are untouchable, that as a flavoring agent Yellow Wine? Yellow rice wine is also contained in alcohol, will damage the baby’s central nervous system, resulting in mental retardation, and may even cause the baby deformity. So, when cooking, do not use rice wine. Mustard mustard can usually be difficult to see, but it is the essential seasoning day. If you are going to have on the material to treat yourself and stay away from this condiment mustard. Spicy mustard, will cause fire, aggravating constipation, so that the baby has damp. Seasoning is usually a small part of cooking, in the ordinary life of the humble. However, pregnant women who eat these spices will cause great harm to themselves and their babies. Do not let a small detail, a condiment may change the fate of the baby happy. The dressing is small, but its function is not reduced. The original article, shall not be reproduced without authorization, child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: