Traditional Chinese medicine tells you according to the constitution to choose the right tea – Sohu 魔界骑士イングリッド

The old Chinese tell you: according to the constitution to correct the tea – Sohu eating many friends love tea tea, very few people know, different physical, tea is different, only according to their physical condition and can be selected tea, tea together, complement each other. All sentient beings, universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, tea sex, choose the right tea, not only pure elegant fun, the effect is more fit healthy. Tea varieties, tea in China can be divided into six types: Green Tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, black tea, Black Tea. Different, six kinds of tea tea in general, fermentation degree Green Tea, yellow tea and white tea is low, belongs to cool tea; tea tea, neutral, and Black Tea Pu’er is warm tea. In traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is divided into "peaceful constitution, damp heat constitution, phlegm dampness constitution, Yang deficiency constitution, yin deficiency constitution, Qi deficiency, blood stasis constitution, qi stagnation constitution, allergic constitution" nine categories, each has its own unique characteristics. You can check their own constitution, according to the constitution of condemnation, choose the most suitable for their own health tea. [Green Tea] Green Tea (West Lake Longjing Tea, Anji white tea, Dongting Spring Snail etc.) cold, heat for angry, irritable mood, full of go people drinking soup or water thoroughly, green tea, yellow or greenish, hot days when drinking hot weather, hot heart. And has a good antioxidant effect of anti radiation, qi stagnation constitution, yin deficiency constitution, damp heat constitution and the specific endowment constitution for drinking. Green tea green tea is Oolong Tea [] (class of Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, Wuyi Narcissus), flat, suitable for most people to drink. There are some good Oolong Tea, after the baptism of time after the faint smell of acid, acid into the liver, Shugan Qi Gong, "a release dry Jin, happy". Oolong Tea most prominent aroma, Tongqiao Qi is obvious. All kinds of people can drink. [yellow] tea yellow tea (Junshan Silver Needle Tea, Mengding white buds) suitable for cold, bitter breath, hot flashes sweating at night drinking, efficacy and Green Tea roughly the same taste in the Green Tea refreshing, mellow yellow tea. Yin deficiency and physical heat on the crowd of yellow tea is a good choice. [Black Tea] Black Tea (Lapsang souchong, Keemun Black Tea diangong, etc.) and warm, suitable for cold, cold feet, frail, older persons drinking, add milk, honey taste better. Sweet Rupi, with nourishing blood, tonifying spleen and stomach function. Black Tea bright red soup, the most suitable for drinking in low spirits. Black tea for most of the constitution, Qi deficiency, Yang deficiency, phlegm dampness, blood stasis, qi stagnation constitution can drink. [] white tea white tea (Baihaoyinzhen white moon, white peony, etc.) flat for cool, dry eyes, dry mouth, thirst, the skin is oily drinking. Green Tea Chen tea is the grass, white tea tea Chen Po, put the white tea after the baptism of time, more evil righting effect. Yin deficiency type, damp heat constitution should drink more. Heicha Heicha [] (Yunnan Pu’er Tea, Anhua tea, Guangxi tea and so warm, can go greasy), botulinum and lipid solution. Black into the kidney, suitable for black face dull, sore throat, loss of appetite, cold limbs, waist and knees, energy loss. The black tea soup "相关的主题文章: