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Qinling Mountains Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed railway tunnel smoothly through the – Society – People’s network of Qinling Mountains tunnel exit plan. (Photo by Ding Pin) in Beijing in September 12, people.com.cn (Li Nannan) reporter from the China railway company was informed that in September 12th, Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed railway tunnel through Qinling Mountains, which marks China’s first north-south two geographical environment of the high-speed railway tunnel and West Gao Tiejian set the most difficult project successfully completed. The great Qinling Mountains tunnel is located in the Qinling Mountains fold belt, which runs through the Qinling Mountains main channel of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River’s two major river systems. It is a control project of Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed railway. The total length of 14.84 kilometers of the tunnel, the maximum depth of 1185 meters, the highest elevation of the West into high-speed rail, terrain, geological conditions are extremely complex. The construction of the construction unit and the railway builders scientific organization, vigorously carry out technological innovation, overcome difficulties, to ensure the smooth progress of the project safety. Through the tunnel, to promote the construction of the West into high-speed railway has laid a solid foundation for the whole project. Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed rail is an important part of national long-term railway network plan, drawn from the Shaanxi city of Xi’an Province, Hanzhoung City, south through health, to Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, is in the Jiangyou Railway Station and Mianyang to Chengdu to Leshan railway passenger dedicated line, arrived in Chengdu City, a total length of 662 km. (commissioning editor: Liu Rong)相关的主题文章: