Cold snap! Southern diving temperature dropped 12 degrees C stanley博士的家2

Cold snap! Southern temperature diving local drop 12 degrees – China weather network news a strong cold air is a massive invasion of the eastern region. The next three days, the South will encounter severe cooling, local cumulative cooling rate of more than 12 degrees centigrade. The temperature dropped to prevent cold, rain and snow after the slippery roads need to pay attention to traffic safety. In recent days, a strong cold air and snow cooling storm in middle east. Yesterday, the Northeast snow, Dalian ushered in the second half of the year. In addition, Huang Huai, JAC, Jianghan, south of the Yangtze River, southwest also suffered rainfall. Monitoring shows that yesterday 5 am to 5 pm today, in Northeast China, Eastern Inner Mongolia, which appeared in the snow, southeastern Heilongjiang and Eastern Jilin appears more strong snowfall; at the same time, southern Jiangsu, southern Anhui, southeastern Hubei and other places heavy rain, local heavy rains. In addition, the cold air also brought a wide range of cooling, the temperature of the eastern part of Liaoning yesterday to reach about 10 degrees Celsius, when the temperature fell to -2.8 in Shenyang, cold quickly hit. Most parts of the Yangtze River Basin has also been a significant cooling, compared with the previous day at the same time, Hubei and Northern Hunan yesterday 14 when the cooling rate reached 6-12 degrees Celsius, the temperature in most areas fell to about 15 degrees celsius. The capital city, Wuhan experienced a drop of 12 degrees centigrade and 14 when the temperature is only 11.9 degrees, in the rain under pressure, the body feeling more cold. By the strong cold air, 8 days to 10 days, southern, Southern China and other places of daily average temperature will drop 8 to 10 DEG C, which parts of the Southern Yangtze River, southeastern Guizhou, southeastern Yunnan, a large part of Guangxi, Guangdong and other places in the northwest of the cooling rate of up to 10 to 12 DEG C the above 12 DEG C, Bureau; in addition, parts of Eastern Jilin to cool 6 to 8 DEG C. Eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Huang Huai in the East and south area of 4 to 5 winds, gusts 6 to 7; Eastern and southern China Sea area has 7 ~ 8, 9 ~ 10 northerly wind gust. The Central Meteorological Station in November 8th 06 when to release a cold blue warning. In addition, the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted 10 to 11, Eastern Inner Mongolia, North China, Northeast China and other places will have rain and snow weather. Southwest of Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places have a large local blizzard. The South will appear more cool, local cooling over 12 degrees. This morning, the minimum temperature to below zero in the second half to record lows this year. From 9 to 10 in the morning, the minimum temperature will much below 10 DEG C. North Central Guizhou northeast of Yunnan and 3 to 6 DEG C, where temperatures lower than the same period the year 5 degrees celsius. Southern temperatures in the doldrums will continue for about 3 days, more than Southern China, including Nanning, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and other places or will enter the meteorological sense of autumn. 10 to 11 days, the highest temperature in the southern region has been slow to pick up. The temperature dropped out personnel can easily lead to the cold, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, timely to remind the public to add clothing; at the same time, the road under the rain and snow slippery, would adversely affect the road traffic, the need to pay attention to prevent.相关的主题文章: