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Consulate General in Toronto: Chinese Canada should start as soon as possible – FTA negotiations Beijing News Agency Xinhua: September 18 Toronto Consul General in Toronto: China Canada should start as soon as possible News Agency reporter Xu Changan Chinese FTA negotiations with Canada bilateral relations recently sustained warming. Trudeau, China’s prime minister, will visit Ottawa and Montreal after only half a month after the end of his visit to China by the prime minister, Mr. Li Keqiang. Diplomats said the high frequency of high-level visits so fast, so fast, which is very rare in the history of Sino Canadian relations. Chinese Consul General in Toronto, Xue Bing, told Xinhua News Agency reporters interview that the new situation of bilateral relations is the requirement of the times, but also China and Canada for their own development needs to make the choice. Deepening bilateral relations is beneficial to both countries and peoples. Xue Bing said that the power of warming relations between Canada and China since the political leaders of the two countries to promote, and the warming of bilateral relations is not only the choice of the market, but also the choice of the two peoples. Xue Bing said the leaders of the two countries to examine the development of bilateral relations in a long-term and strategic perspective. But with economic highly complementary, broad space for cooperation, in the high-tech, agriculture and other areas of cooperation have a brilliant future. The two countries are closely related to the business sector for the two sides to cooperate closely. The current Sino Canadian cultural exchanges flourish, the number of personnel exchanges between the two countries increased year after year. Since this year, Air China, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines has been added to the China Canada routes, China Southern Airlines will also opened Guangzhou to Toronto route in the year. After Chinese diplomats have pointed out that the economic and trade relations is in the relationship between the ballast". Over the past few years, Sino Canadian trade continued to grow. According to Canadian statistics, in 2015, bilateral trade volume of nearly $85 billion 800 million, accounting for 8.1% of total trade in canada. By the end of 2015, two-way foreign direct investment amounted to $33 billion. But it is undeniable that the volume of trade between China and Canada is not large, far less than the trade between China and South Korea, China and australia. Xue Bing said that the total amount of trade between China and Canada and the volume of trade between the two countries, there is still great potential for development. According to experience, accelerate the FTA negotiation process is an important starting point to promote the rapid development of bilateral economic and trade relations. With the China Korea FTA as an example, Xue Bing said, the feasibility study of the launch of the FTA between China and South Korea in 2004, China and South Korea trade amounted to only $90 billion, in 2014 the volume of trade between the two countries has jumped to nearly $300 billion, the average annual growth rate of 22.3%. Xue Bing said that China has always held a positive and open attitude towards FTA negotiations. Since 2003, China has started negotiations on free trade with its trading partners, and has signed 14 free trade agreements, involving 22 countries and regions, with another 8 being negotiated. At present, China’s total foreign trade volume of 38% of the trade volume is completed under the fta. Xue Bing said, plus two as to start FTA negotiations, is expected to further accelerate the bilateral trade growth rate, effectively improve the level of bilateral trade, to avoid trade diversion effect caused by other free trade agreements signed, but also to enhance confidence in cooperation, for the long-term development planning have positive and the two companies)相关的主题文章: