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The election countdown 24 hours: three, Trump five, Hilary rush shuttle – Sohu news comprehensive U.S. media reports, the U.S. presidential election countdown 24 hours, Hilary and Trump are in many states in the shuttle, for nearly two years, be the most changeful of the last day of the campaign canvassing. According to Cbs Broadcasting Inc, The Associated Press reported that Cbs Broadcasting Inc’s latest poll found Hilary in the country’s support rate of 45% to 41% lead Trump by 4 percentage points. Few voters said they would change their minds on Tuesday’s polling day. The poll also found that most voters still expect Hilary to win — Hilary supporters of up to 9 to have this view; and Trone pute supporters expected their trump candidate wins, although the proportion is lower than the Hilary supporters. Trump is starting from Florida, Sarasota party. He told thousands of supporters that the election would depend on them. He said, "come out and vote…… I’ve done my own thing. I have tried." Trump went on to say that Hilary was corrupt and repeatedly referred to her personal email during her time as secretary of state. Trump plans to go on the run and meet in five states, including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and michigan. Hilary is campaigning in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Michigan and North Carolina. She also went to Philadelphia to join her husband Clinton, President Obama and first lady, Mrs. Michel, in a campaign. She said, "I’m so excited about going to so many places today. We’re going to get the last vote counted." (old ren)相关的主题文章: