2016 China Romania Film Festival Opening-tataufo

2016 Chinese Romania Film Festival – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) Chinese by the State Press and publication sponsored by the SARFT film Bureau and the Romania National Film Center 2016 Chinese Romania Film Festival kicked off in Beijing on the evening of 14. The opening film "Paris" to the director, starring Dorrell Schell class? Malineisiku visan exchanges with the audience?. During the film festival screenings will be "to" Paris "tracks" "Carmen" "and" "Kira? Jilalina mountain home" 5 Romania films. These films are diverse, reflecting the contemporary Romania film production standards and artistic level. The "Snow Mountain House" is the sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or Award nominees, and represent Romania in the best foreign language film Oscar award in 2017. The two countries signed the "Romania and People’s Republic of China in 2014-2016 on each other to do the film show the memorandum of understanding" in 2014, China and Russia in the festival, boost exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the film. In 2014, Romania China Film Festival was held in three in Romania city of Bucharest, Craiova, Arad, on the "twelve year" "great master" "Beijing love story" "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" "over the old courtyard" 5 Chinese film, by the Romania audience. The film festival will continue until 24 May, in addition to Beijing, will be held related activities in Shanghai, Xi’an, Romania, the National Film Center Director Bianca? 22 movie delegation led by mbfel will participate in the festival activities. (end)相关的主题文章: