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0-1 years old baby to see what books? The original list of super Daddy – Sohu the picture | Luo maternal writer in the group, a friend asked: her child was just 1 years old, what do you recommend the book? See a lot of enthusiastic friends have given her letter, I was very moved, but also for her children happy — children, you have a good mother, you are only 1 years old, and she knew she had to give you the joy of reading! The reason why there is such a feeling, because I usually see too much of this mother – ha ha, our children are only 1 years old, where the book?!" In fact, I would like to seriously say: "reading from the age of 0." The following is a list of my finishing: hole book, turn the pages, bath books, books, books, and the smell of touching general picture books. This list for emphasis: age is 0-1 years old. The picture | Luo 0-1 years old baby to see what books? As the name suggests, is how to use the "hole" to the idea of the book. Good in their book, its fantastic ideas can not only stimulate the imagination of children’s development, and the hole itself is very suitable for 0-1 years old baby to explore with his finger. Don’t underestimate the baby to drill one hole with his finger, but that he initially explore the action of the world! The magic hole book series Author: (Italy) mantegazza Publishing: guess who the future publishing series (full set of 4 volumes) author: Nina · (USA); Landon published: the small hole in the story of future publishing (full 2 volumes) author: Issa Bella · (France); flat Publishing: Anhui children’s Publishing House Mifi cognitive hole (full book series consists of 8 volumes) author: Dick · (Holland); Bruner published: twenty-first Century press note: there have been friends Eric · Carle’s "the very hungry caterpillar". Yes, this classic is indeed the pages by their form, but it is essentially not empty book, but for the vast majority of children aged O-1, seems to be not suitable for. The bath is book, when the children bathe, can soak in the tub to play children’s book, the book material environmental protection, not to hurt the baby’s skin. When taking a bath, the baby can use a lot of ways to play this kind of book: knead, tear, bite, listen (because there are a lot of books have vocal function)…… Some take a bath book, the picture in the book will change with the temperature change, this time it is a temperature book. The chomby Bath Book Series (full set of 4 volumes) author: Gu Dan publishing (France): press the future happy baby shower book (full set of 5 Volumes) author: M.Twinn (France): Fujian children’s Publishing House published the baby happy cognitive bath books author: Yang Jinxiu kopou Publishing: future publishing相关的主题文章: